About 9takes

We believe everyone is unique. Our perspectives, thoughts, emotions, and ways of doing things are all different. We may know that in our head but how often are we surprised when others are not thinking, feeling, and acting like we do. When we realize someone doesn't think like us, do we think "wow, I wonder what their perspective is and why they think that," or do we think that a person is not smart or maybe they don't have all the information. When we see others not feeling the way we feel we feel on a certain subject do we recognize the layers beneath the feelings or Do we morally superior to them? And when someone doesn't act like us does that make us curious or dismissive?

All this is exciting territory to explore and 9takes thinks that there is a technology element That is holding us back from exploring these potential conversations.

Our goal is to remind people that those around us are complex, interesting worthy of being listened to. We also recognize that exploring and sharing with other people does present both opportunities and challenges. The challenges arise when we make assumptions when we should instead be curious. And the opportunities come when we get curious. What are you missing out on? What perspective is hidden from you?

  • Why can't people just do things the right way?
  • Why can't people be more grateful for all the things I do for them?
  • Why can't people just appreciate my hard work and success?
  • Why can't people understand my unique perspective and emotions?
  • Why can't people respect my need for privacy and independence?
  • Why can't people just be more reliable and trustworthy?
  • Why can't people just have more fun and excitement?
  • Why can't people be more honest and straightforward with me?
  • Why can't people just get along and find common ground?

There are endless questions to ask. But fortunately there endless people out there that have questions like you do and will share if you ask them to. Who see the world like you and who sees a vastly different world?

9takes is about embracing these differences or "takes" on the world. And by asking questions, sharing stories and getting curious we will find our community and find our way.

People Behind 9takes

DJ Wayne

I am a tech guy. I was former military and my wife got me into the enneagram and I have been obsessed since. I don't exactly know why there isn't a centralized platform for the Enneagram and I don't know why there isn't a community like 9takes. I have thoughts and opinions but would love to hear yours. Feel free to message me here.

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9takes is a place for exploration and shared learning, where we delve into the nuances of personality types and discuss different perspectives. If you're fascinated by the world of the Enneagram you are warmly invited join our waitlist.