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Welcome to the 9takes Beta

This is community for questions

The Goal

To start conversations and provide a lense through which we can generate empathy and curiosity for one another.

How We Get There

9takes is built on the idea that by asking raw and real questions and giving honest answers we can gain a broad understanding of those around us. 9takes gets its name from the enneagram and hints at there being nine different ways of viewing any situation or question. Therefore, to get at these different viewpoints we ask questions which we hope will spawn follow up questions and a general curiosity for the other... maybe even some empathy.


Topics, implications, and predictions surrounding 9takes will discussed.

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All answers to questions will be hidden until you respond, we welcome your voice to the conversation, go ahead, share your thoughts!

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One More Thing

All Comments, Questions, and Wall posts are anonymous
The only thing that identifies you to the community is your personality type