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It is hard to find open discussions online.

Conversation gets stifled for the following reasons:

  • People post into the void instead of asking questions. Rhetorical statements turn people away in conversations while questions invite collaboration.
  • People can passively lurk. The only engagement that happens is on the content that produces fear, anger, or embarrassment.
  • It is too risky to be honest. You don't want to receive criticism so you only express opinions that are status quo.

What is 9takes?

An anonymous question and answering platform based on the Enneagram personality system.
Think Reddit based on personality.

9takes is designed from the ground up to be the place to source unbiased opinions and takes on every subject.

In doing so you can find a few other things:

  • - Find Your Tribe: Connect with people think, feel and act like you.
  • - Find New Perspectives: Uncover worldviews from different personality types by searching through unique responses to various questions and topics.
  • - Find and engage in Meaningful Conversations: Reach out to users whose takes catch your eye.

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