What are we building?

For the intial launch:

  • A question and answering community.

Why questions and answers?

To find people that think feel and act like you and to explore everyone else.

How will this be different?

9takes is built on first principles and has some psychology behind it. Ultimately it will be a social experiment with the goal of moving the needle of societal discourse in a positive direction for everyone involved.

We are going to be building in some mechanisms to make that happen. Here are a few of them:

  • Comments are not visible until you comment, this allows people to give original takes on questions without outside influence.
  • Everyone is default anonymous, you can DM others and optionally reveal yourself
  • The only thing that identifies you publicly is your enneagram personality type. Overtime you will find and learn what yours is.

We are going to be creating some magic moments that will feel like the following:

  • A popping group chat 💥
  • A deep conversation around the campfire 🔥
  • A feeling you get when you just met someone and it is like you have known them your whole life 🍻


By ask questions, sharing your story, and getting curious

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