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9takes Beta

Ask questions, get the familiar and the unexpected


People are different, but they are also similar. The dividing line between the similarities and differences is not well understood. There are many ways to "classify" people or "label" them but how helpful or limiting are these labels? It is no secret that the world is divided and division revolves around labeling others and a sense of certainty. I want to disrupt this by introducing uncertainty in the form of questions and removing labels introducing anonymity. By doing so I hope to generate curiosity and maybe a little empathy.

Two contrasting and unproductive trains of thought

  • People are all different, and no one understands or can understand me
  • People are all the same, we all have the same problems


All answers to questions will be hidden until you respond, we welcome your voice to the conversation, go ahead, share your thoughts!


Topics, implications, and predictions surrounding 9takes will discussed.

One More Thing

All Comments, Questions, and Wall posts are anonymous
The only thing that identifies you to the community is your personality type