Ask questions, share your story, get curious

Don't you love it when the group chat is popping

That deep conversation around the campfire

That late night at a diner with friends where you aren't leaving till they kick you out

When you just met someone and if feels like you have known them your whole life

Yeah, we need more of that ^

How are we baking in empathy and curiosity?

We are centered around asking questions. We are not twitter giving hottakes you didn't ask for. You get what you ask for in the form of answers to your questions.

What kind of responses do you get?

  • Comments
  • Media: images, memes, and video replies
  • Resources: links, blogs, articles

The Catch

  • You cannot see the responses until you respond
  • You can only comment once per question with out creating an account. To ask a question you need to register.
  • Your profile and responses to questions are anonymous however others can request to DM you.
  • The only thing that identifies you is your (you can be "unknown"), and you can sort the responses by personality type

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