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Find out what people think, feel, and do.


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How we see the World

Second wave of social media meets personality

Old wave

Social media promised connection, but we are now more divided than maybe ever, and depression is on the rise.

Personality promised to simplify our understanding of people. Yes, people are similar and different, but the conversation gets more complicated when you introduce personality.

New wave

Social media should be about finding and connecting with your people. And it should also be about finding interesting stuff and learning new things. It should prevent piling on and should be about safe and authentic expression. It would help if you weren't afraid to post or ask questions.

Personality should be open ended. It would help if you discovered your personality at your own pace. You shouldn't be put in a box or told what you are. It should be fun and enlightening as you learn your personality and should be driven by asking questions.

And thats what 9takes is all about. Asking questions.

What is 9takes?

An anonymous question and answering platform based on the Enneagram personality system. It is like Reddit reimagined and based on personality.

What is different?

9takes uses psychology to create an honest, engaged and insightful community

  • You cannot see comments until you comment.
    • Honest and unbiased feedback comes when people cannot see what everyone else is saying.
  • You can sort the comments by personality type.
    • Insightful comments come out when people are compared to others who are their same personality type? You have to consider what patterns you are falling into.
  • The only thing that identifies you is your personality type.
    • Engage with and reveal what you want to who you want via direct messages. People can see your answers but they do not know anything else.

Creating the following magic moments:

  • - Connecting with other people who think, feel, and act like you
  • - Going down the rabbit hole of another personality types answers to questions
  • - DMing someone who has many amazing, inspiring and insightful answers to questions
  • - Getting DM'd and having to decide if you want to reveal yourself or not

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