Enneagram Criticisms

Common criticisms of the enneagram

DJ Wayne Fri Feb 10 2023

Enneagram FAQs

Personality stuff is not real.
personality defintion

Do you get along with everyone? Do do you not? Why? Are people similar to you or is everyone different than you? The dimensions by which we are similar and different are what make up our personality. There are potentially infinite dimensions because no two people are exactly alike however there are patterns. Those observed patterns are what we know as a person's personality.

Personality is not a science and the enneagram is not a science.

Personality is not an exact science. There is still a lot to learn and discover. There are potentially infinite dimensions by which people can be divided and characterized. However there are patterns that arise in both philosophy and psychology when examining human nature and a person's psyche that scientific literature has not caught up to. Right now the most widely studied personality test is "The Big 5 personality test". It is referenced the most in academic settings however the main criticism is that its origins are from data analysis rather than theory. The superficial problem with that is that you only can have data on that which is measured and there is much to a person's psyche that has not proportionally been measured thereby we do not have data on. That is why 9takes argues that we must take queues from philosophy and first principles. 9takes argues that enneagram is nicely situated at the crossroads of philosophy and psychology. To do a 2 minute experiment check this out

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