Bernie Sanders Enneagram Type 9

Thu Mar 09 2023

You've seen him, heard him, and very likely formed an opinion about him. Bernie Sanders, the long-serving senator from Vermont, has been a fixture in American politics for decades. Today, we delve into an interesting perspective on Sanders' persona, proposing him as a classic representation of Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker.

Disclaimer This analysis of Bernie Sanders’s Enneagram type is purely speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Sanders and the Traits of Enneagram Type 9

When you look at Sanders’ public life, you see several characteristics associated with Type 9. Type 9 individuals are typically easygoing, accepting, and supportive, but can also be complacent and stubborn, traits that align seamlessly with Sanders’ public image.

Remember Sanders’ consistent advocacy for economic equality and healthcare? His unyielding commitment to these causes, even when they weren’t mainstream, reflects the Type 9’s tendency to hold steadfast to their beliefs. This characteristic stubbornness, which can sometimes be perceived as complacency, reflects the typical Type 9 inner peace that originates from within and not external circumstances.

Sanders is also famous for his temperament. Despite being in the throes of often heated political debates, he has consistently demonstrated an inclination for calmness and stability, further illustrating his alignment with Type 9.

Sanders’ Commitment to the Collective

The Peacemaker, true to its name, seeks harmony and avoids conflict. This has been evident throughout Sanders’ career. For instance, his fight against income inequality stems from a desire for a more harmonious society. His passionate speeches on the Senate floor, while fervent, rarely devolve into personal attacks—highlighting his inclination to keep the peace.

The acceptance and easy-going nature that is characteristic of Type 9s are equally visible. Consider his 2016 Democratic primary race. Despite a hard-fought campaign, he gracefully accepted the results, endorsing Hillary Clinton, his former rival. This magnanimity in defeat speaks to his accepting nature, a clear trait of the Type 9.

Reflecting on Sanders as an Enneagram Type 9

Now that we’ve explored the evidence, it seems quite plausible that Sanders does indeed align with the traits of a Type 9. His steadfast commitment to his beliefs, his demeanor, and his efforts towards societal harmony seem to present a convincing case.

However, personalities are complex, and individuals cannot always be neatly sorted into categories. How does this perspective of Sanders enhance your understanding of him as a politician and public figure? Does seeing Sanders through the lens of the Enneagram Type 9 give you a deeper understanding of his motivations and actions?

In an ever-polarizing world, perhaps there is value in understanding our leaders not just through their policy but also through their personality type. Maybe it’s time to explore more. Sign up below ⬇️ and become part of a community that values introspective exploration of personalities and viewpoints. Together, let’s peel back the layers, one personality at a time.

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