Kourtney Kardashian An Enneagram Type 1

Mon Jul 24 2023

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Disclaimer This analysis of Kourtney Kardashian’s Enneagram type is speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Kourtney.

You've seen her on TV, in the tabloids, and across social media platforms. Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest sibling in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is more than a reality TV star. Today, we dive deeper into Kourtney's persona, suggesting her as an illustrative example of Enneagram Type 1 - The Perfectionist.

TL;DR: Why Kourtney Kardashian is an Enneagram type 1
  • Kourtney's Pursuit of Perfection: Top of mind when thinking about Kourtney Kardashian is her unwavering dedication to health and organization. As an Enneagram Type 1, her commitment to a clean diet, natural products, and an orderly environment underlines her pursuit of an ideal lifestyle and moral rectitude.
  • Inside Kourtney's World: Delving into Kourtney's inner world, her daily decisions seem guided by a strong ethical compass and a desire for order. Whether it's making morally conscious choices in her business or methodically organizing her home, these actions reveal a mind driven by the need for perfection and righteousness.
  • Controversy and Criticism: Kourtney's Type 1 traits have not always been received positively. A notable instance was her conflict with sister Kim over scheduling their Christmas card photoshoot. This controversy showcases Type 1's potential rigidity and their core fear of being seen as corrupt or defective. An empathetic view may interpret Kourtney's actions as a strive for order amidst perceived chaos.
  • Kourtney's Core Motivation: Kourtney's actions can be traced back to her core Type 1 motivation: the pursuit of the 'right' way of living. Whether it's her business ventures, lifestyle choices, or even her handling of controversies, Kourtney seems driven by her aspiration for perfection and her belief in a moral imperative to follow it.

What Makes Kourtney a Type 1?

Kourtney’s public life provides numerous examples of her embodying the defining characteristics of Type 1. As a Type 1, Kourtney often displays a well-developed sense of right and wrong, coupled with an innate desire for order and perfection.

Her Quest for Perfection

Firstly, Kourtney’s pursuit of perfection is on display in her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Her devotion to clean eating, natural products, and a rigid exercise regimen is well-documented. This commitment not only reflects her aspiration for physical perfection but also her belief in a ‘right’ way of living and the moral imperative to follow it.

Assertive Moral Compass

Moreover, Kourtney’s assertive moral compass comes to light during moments of family controversies. When her sister Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean, Kourtney’s response was not of sympathy, but rather a stern reminder of their privileged life - “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” This incidence mirrors the rationality and ethical sense of a Type 1, who can’t ignore the bigger picture for petty grievances.

Need for Order and Control

Lastly, Kourtney’s need for order and control, another typical Type 1 trait, is evidenced by her meticulously organized home. Her closet is famously arranged by color and item, demonstrating her preference for method and structure.

How Kourtney Differs from Her Sisters

The Type 1 personality traits further differentiate Kourtney from her sisters. While Kim, Khloé, and Kylie may be more flamboyant and spontaneous, Kourtney’s more reserved, orderly approach contrasts sharply. This difference has often been a source of drama and conflict, as seen in their reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

The Downside: Dealing with Controversies and Criticism

Yet, Kourtney’s Type 1 traits have also attracted criticism and controversy. Her relentless pursuit of perfection and adherence to principles have sometimes been perceived as rigidity and lack of empathy. A notable instance was her fallout with Kim over the scheduling of their family’s annual Christmas card photoshoot, displaying the potential for Type 1’s obsession with order to escalate conflicts.

A Type 1’s Growth: Embracing Imperfection

However, over the years, we’ve witnessed Kourtney’s personal growth. A significant part of a Type 1’s journey is learning to embrace imperfection, and Kourtney seems to be mastering it. Her acceptance of her body’s changes post-pregnancy and her willingness to prioritize personal happiness over societal norms (as seen in her relationship with Travis Barker) indicate her strides towards finding balance.

How Each Enneagram Type Perceives Kourtney

To provide a broader perspective, let’s examine how individuals of each Enneagram type might perceive Kourtney Kardashian:

  • Type 1- The Perfectionist - Fellow perfectionists might admire Kourtney’s discipline and dedication to a ‘right’ way of living. Her passion for health, order, and ethical living resonates with their own pursuit of perfection.
  • Type 2- The Helper - Type 2s might appreciate Kourtney’s nurturing side as a mother, yet they may also wish she expressed more empathy and warmth in her interactions with others.
  • Type 3- The Achiever - As achievers, they would respect Kourtney’s success in her business ventures and personal branding. However, they might view her rigidity as a hindrance to flexibility and adaptability.
  • Type 4- The Individualist - Individualists might connect with Kourtney’s non-conformist approach to life and admire her commitment to authenticity. They might also empathize with her struggle for self-improvement.
  • Type 5- The Investigator - Investigators, being private and cerebral, might appreciate Kourtney’s introspective moments and her inclination towards privacy, compared to her more public siblings.
  • Type 6- The Loyalist - Loyalists may admire Kourtney’s dedication to her family and values. However, they might also worry about her potential for conflict due to her rigid adherence to principles.
  • Type 7- The Enthusiast - As enthusiasts, they might find Kourtney’s lifestyle inspiring and exciting. However, her seriousness and focus on perfection could come off as restrictive to their carefree nature.
  • Type 8- The Challenger - Challengers might respect Kourtney’s assertive stance in personal matters and conflicts. However, they might wish for more flexibility and willingness to compromise from her.
  • Type 9- The Peacemaker - Peacemakers might feel uncomfortable with Kourtney’s strict adherence to principles, which sometimes leads to conflicts. They may wish for more harmony and peace in her interactions.

Wrapping up Kourtney as a Type 1

Kourtney is on a quest for perfection. She has a strong moral compass, and her preference for order closely aligns with the “Perfectionist.” Yet, her growth in embracing imperfection enriches her personality, reminding us that Type 1, like all other types, is a spectrum of behaviors and tendencies that is dynamic.

Does this exploration of Kourtney enhance your understanding of her as a public figure? Does seeing Kourtney through the lens of the Enneagram Type 1 give you a deeper insight into her motivations and actions? In a world quick to judge, perhaps there’s merit in understanding public figures not just through their actions but also through their personality types.

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