Miley Cyrus Enneagram Type 7

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She's been in your headphones, on your screens, and splashed across headlines. The eccentric and provocative Miley Cyrus, a force to reckon with in the pop music industry, continues to fascinate us with her evolving persona. In our try to understand the nuances of personalities, we venture into an unexplored realm - is Miley Cyrus a classic Enneagram Type 7?

Disclaimer This analysis of Miley Cyrus’s Enneagram type is purely speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus: The Enthusiast?

Enneagram Type 7s, often known as ‘The Enthusiast,’ are generally extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. They are playful, high-spirited, and practical, but can also be scattered and undisciplined. A Type 7’s core desire is to be satisfied and content—to have their needs fulfilled.

Looking at Miley’s dynamic career trajectory and flamboyant lifestyle, these characteristics seem strikingly familiar. Known for her enthusiastic embrace of change, Miley’s music career has evolved dramatically over the years, transitioning from the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana to a provocative pop icon. Her frequent transformation, arguably, mirrors a Type 7’s desire for variety and adventure.

Miley’s love for life and her pursuit of excitement and experiences are indicative of the typical Type 7’s fear of being deprived and in pain. Her ongoing dedication to experience and live life to the fullest aligns closely with a Type 7’s inherent need to keep exploring and experiencing new things.

Her controversy-laden journey also provides insight into her personality. For instance, the 2013 MTV VMAs saw Miley courting significant controversy with her performance. Rather than retreating, she embraced the criticism and controversy, demonstrating the fearlessness and resilience typical of a Type 7 personality.

The Struggle of a Type 7

Type 7 personalities often avoid experiencing negative feelings, a pattern that can be seen in Miley’s life. She seems to prefer focusing on the future and the next big thrill instead of dwelling on past controversies.

Take, for instance, the aftermath of her much-publicized split from actor Liam Hemsworth. While heartbreak might have driven others into seclusion, Miley used the experience as a catalyst for creativity, producing her album “Plastic Hearts,” an embodiment of her resilience, optimism, and forward-focused mentality.

Wrapping up: The Enigma of Miley Cyrus

As we dissect these facets of Miley Cyrus’s persona, her alignment with a Type 7 Enneagram seems conceivable. Her boldness, enthusiasm, and love for constant change reflect the key traits of ‘The Enthusiast.’ But, as always, the complexity of human nature resists such straightforward categorization.

So, does this exploration reshape your understanding of Miley Cyrus? Does viewing Miley through the lens of Enneagram Type 7 offer a deeper insight into her motivations and actions?

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