Mr. Rogers Enneagram Type 2

Why Mr. Rogers appears to be a type 2

DJ Wayne Sat Feb 18 2023

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers, also known as Fred Rogers, was a beloved children’s television host and advocate for kindness and compassion. His personality traits are indicative of an enneagram type 2, also known as the Helper. Here are four reasons why Mr. Rogers fits the characteristics of an enneagram type 2:

Desire to help and serve others

Enneagram type 2 individuals have a strong desire to help and serve others. Mr. Rogers dedicated his life to creating a safe and nurturing space for children through his television show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” He often spoke about the importance of kindness and empathy, encouraging his viewers to be helpers and care for others.

Empathetic and compassionate

Another characteristic of enneagram type 2 individuals is their empathy and compassion. Mr. Rogers was known for his ability to connect with children and understand their feelings. He often tackled difficult topics on his show, such as death and divorce, in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Personal warmth and kindness

Enneagram type 2 individuals are known for their personal warmth and kindness. Mr. Rogers embodied these traits both on and off screen. He often took the time to connect with his fans, answering letters and making personal appearances. He was also known for his daily routine of starting each day with a swim and taking time to pray and reflect.

Selfless and giving

Finally, enneagram type 2 individuals are often selfless and giving. Mr. Rogers donated a significant portion of his wealth to charity and established the Fred Rogers Company to continue his mission of promoting kindness and learning for children. He also used his platform to advocate for issues such as public broadcasting and education.

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