Queen Elizabeth II Enneagram Type 9

Thu Mar 09 2023

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Disclaimer This analysis of Queen Elizabeth II’s Enneagram type is speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, is widely known for her diplomatic skills and ability to maintain peace and stability within her country and the Commonwealth. These qualities are reflective of her Enneagram type 9 personality, also known as the Peacemaker.

Maintaining Harmony and Unity

As a type 9, Queen Elizabeth II values peace and harmony above all else. Her role as the head of the Commonwealth has been characterized by her ability to bring people together and maintain unity, especially during times of crisis. Her famous address following the death of Princess Diana is a prime example of her peacemaking abilities, as she urged the nation to “draw strength from the unfailing support of family and friends” and “show that we can be united in our love for her.”

Avoiding Conflict

One of the key traits of the Peacemaker is a desire to avoid conflict at all costs. Queen Elizabeth II is known for her non-confrontational approach to diplomacy, preferring to work behind the scenes and use her influence to maintain peace. Her role in the resolution of the Northern Ireland conflict and her efforts to promote reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants are prime examples of this trait.

Maintaining Emotional Stability

Another characteristic of type 9 is a desire for emotional stability and a fear of disruption. Queen Elizabeth II has maintained a calm and stoic demeanor throughout her reign, even during times of personal tragedy and political upheaval. Her commitment to duty and service to the nation has been unwavering, and her calm and measured approach has helped to maintain stability in the face of uncertainty.

Valuing Tradition and History

Type 9 individuals also tend to value tradition and history, and Queen Elizabeth II is no exception. Her commitment to upholding the traditions of the monarchy and the Commonwealth is a testament to her respect for the past and her desire to maintain stability and continuity. Her role in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the opening of the new session of Parliament are just two examples of her commitment to upholding the traditions of the monarchy and the nation.

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