Introducing 9takes: A Fresh Take on Online Conversations

A Q&A platform fostering diverse, built on anonymous perspectives inspired by the Enneagram.

Mon Apr 17 2023

Where are the good conversations happening online? Is there any place left where you can get multiple perspectives? Most forums have devolved into echo chambers where the sides are drawn, and the silent majority has largely been pushed out.

9takes is trying to fix this.

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Out with the old, in with the new

Facing a digital realm filled with echo chambers, the quest for a platform fostering honest conversations and diverse perspectives leads us to 9takes. It aims to revolutionize the social media landscape by encouraging open dialogue, self-expression, and a deeper exploration of personality, bridging the gap between the old and new waves of online interaction.

There are two social media waves.

🤖 Old wave 🔄

"Social media" was about being connected to your friends and finding cool stuff that was shareable. That morphed into lurking and mindlessly scrolling, looking for cheap laughs and dopamine bumps. We are now more divided than maybe ever, and depression is on the rise.

"Personality" was supposed to be something fun an exciting. You could learn about yourself and your friends. But it morphed into pseudoscience and a way to put people in boxes. Yes, people are similar and different, but the conversation gets more complicated when you bring up personality.

🎭 New wave ❓

Social media shouldn't feel stifling. It should be about self-expression and finding and connecting with like-minded people. Different opinions make for better conversations, not shutting people down. Social media should be the place to ask the big questions.

Personality should be open ended. Discover your personality at your own pace. You shouldn't be put in a box or told what you are. It should be fun and enlightening as you learn your personality and should be driven by asking questions.

And that's what 9takes. Asking questions, building community, healing the globe 🌎💗.

Comparing Platforms: 9takes vs. Reddit’s Structured Conversations

The closest comparison to 9takes would be Reddit. However, Reddit’s reliance on moderators and a structured subreddit system can both be a strength and a limitation. While subreddits ensure discussions remain focused, they also segment information into silos, restricting the flow of ideas across topics.

Reddit’s model revolves around subreddits, managed by moderators who enforce rules and shape the community culture. This setup is ideal for specialized interests but can limit broader engagement and sometimes restrict open dialogue.

Two critical challenges with Reddit include:

  • Subreddit Gatekeeping: Each subreddit acts as a distinct conversation hub with its own rules, leading to a controlled but often insular discussion environment.
  • Passive Participation: Reddit allows users to view comments without contributing, fostering a lurking culture that can dilute active engagement.

9takes proposes an innovative approach by focusing on questions as the primary method of engagement. This model encourages active participation since answers are only revealed after contributing your response, fostering a more dynamic and inclusive exchange of ideas.

The Power of Questions in Unlocking Knowledge

Questions drive the quest for knowledge on the internet, prompting us to seek answers to the who, what, where, when, and how that pique our curiosity.

Google aims to provide precise answers based on search queries. However, its effectiveness is limited by its reliance on algorithms to guess the underlying questions and find relevant data, which isn’t always accurate or comprehensive.

Reddit offers a platform where users can find or provide answers within specific communities known as subreddits. These communities have their own rules and cultures, which can be challenging for newcomers. Finding a suitable space to ask your question is key but only sometimes straightforward.

ChatGPT and similar large language models offer another avenue for answers, drawing on vast datasets that include information from sources like Google and Reddit. While these models improve creativity and accuracy, their responses are shaped by the data they were trained on, limiting their originality.

Each platform has strengths in delivering factual responses, but the answers may need to be revised regarding creative or nuanced inquiries. This is where 9takes diverges, focusing on exploring questions that don’t have a single correct answer.

9takes is designed to delve into the myriad perspectives and insights a diverse community can offer. It recognizes that some of the most thought-provoking questions inspire debate, reflection, and further questioning rather than yielding a straightforward answer.

Consider the following examples, each posing a question that invites a wide range of responses, reflecting personal experiences, beliefs, and values:

  • What is something about yourself that is never going to change?
  • What is the best way to balance work and personal life?
  • How do you feel about online learning and its effectiveness?
  • What is the best educational system?
  • How should I approach getting a girlfriend?
  • How are you balancing caring for kids and aging parents?
  • What does it mean to lead a good life?
  • How have your relationships changed over time, and why is that?
  • How do you show someone you are interested in them?

These questions highlight the essence of 9takes: a platform that thrives on the diversity of thought and the richness of shared experiences. It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about exploring the depths of human inquiry and connecting over the stories and ideas that make us uniquely human.

Back to what makes 9takes different

9takes is leveraging personality theory to create an a better community.

  • You can only see comments once you comment.
    • Honest and unbiased feedback comes when people cannot see what everyone else is saying.
  • You can sort the comments by personality type.
    • Insightful comments come out when people are compared to others with the same personality type. You have to consider what patterns you are falling into.
  • The only thing that identifies you is your personality type.
    • Engage with and reveal what you want via direct messages to whom you wish to. People can see your answers, but they do not know anything else.

Unique Answer Visibility on 9takes

9takes has a distinctive feature where answers to questions become visible only after you’ve posted your response. This design ensures that your contribution is free from bias and influence from others’ opinions. The goal is to encourage authenticity and originality in your answers, allowing you to express your thoughts and perspectives without being swayed by the crowd. This approach fosters diverse responses, each reflecting the individual’s genuine viewpoint.

The Importance of Anonymity on 9takes

9takes ensures user anonymity to promote openness and sincerity in discussions. This anonymity allows users to share their genuine thoughts, feelings, and opinions without the concern of affecting their public image or personal brand. By removing the pressure to curate responses for social approval, users are encouraged to provide honest, unfiltered insights.

The Role of Personality in User Identification

On 9takes, users are uniquely identified by their personality type, specifically through the Enneagram system. This approach combines insights from psychology and philosophy to create a framework for understanding human behavior and interaction.

Why Use Personality as a Marker? The idea is that individuals with the same Enneagram type tend to view the world through a similar lens, providing a basis for meaningful comparisons and discussions. When users of the same personality type answer a question, the responses might have underlying similarities. In contrast, answers from diverse personality types introduce a broad spectrum of perspectives, enriching the conversation. This method ensures that even when multiple users respond to the same prompt, their varied viewpoints broaden the collective insight, highlighting the importance of diversity in fostering comprehensive discussions.

9takes allows for nuance

In a world where absolutes and fact-checking, we forget that many of the things we are searching for don’t have black-and-white answers. 9takes invites users to explore different takes on questions because there is more than one perspective. There is a kaleidoscope of different takes and diamonds in the rough waiting to be uncovered.

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