Introducing 9takes

Questions and answers inspired by the Enneagram

DJ Wayne Mon Apr 17 2023

Discover the Power of Nine Perspectives

The digital landscape has been dominated by social media platforms for years, with each claiming to offer something unique. Yet, most of these platforms tend to echo each other’s features and rarely delve into the fascinating depths of human psychology. Enter 9takes, a question-and-answer platform designed to challenge the status quo, redefine social interaction, and enrich your understanding of the human experience.

Inspired by the Enneagram, an insightful personality typing system, 9takes aims to offer a fresh take on social media by harnessing the power of nine distinct perspectives or the 9 takes on life. The platform’s unique features create an unbiased environment where users can explore the nuances of feelings, thoughts and behavior.

But why build 9takes, and how will it be different?

9takes: For When You Want Different Perspectives

We often find ourselves seeking answers and opinions from a variety of sources. When it comes to finding the “right” answer, we might turn to Google or AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT to provide us with the most accurate information. On the other hand, when we’re interested in exploring people’s opinions and perspectives, we may gravitate towards platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, or Twitter. The google/ chatgpts are too big and broad while the subreddits facebook groups and twitter are too niche. 9takes offers a unique middle ground by allowing users to source answers to their questions from real people, who are grouped by personality as opposed to followers, subreddits, and other ways to group people. This approach not only exposes users to a diverse array of perspectives, but also enables them to identify patterns in thinking, feeling and approach, fostering a deeper understanding of how people approach different questions.

Unmasking Authenticity: Unbiased Responses, Unfiltered Perspectives

The first key feature that sets 9takes apart is the platform’s comment visibility policy. Until you leave a comment, other users’ comments remain hidden, encouraging unbiased answers and promoting individual authenticity. This innovative approach leads to a treasure trove of unique content, unburdened by the echo chambers that plague many other platforms. There is no passive viewing of other people’s conversations. If you want to see what other people are saying, you have to first give your own unbiased and authentic opinion.

Exploring the Enneagram: Filter Comments by Personality Type

The second key feature pulls from the genius of the Enneagram which is a personality typing system comprising nine distinct archetypes. The platform allows users to filter comments by personality type, revealing fascinating patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior. By observing these patterns, users can learn to appreciate the diverse approaches to various questions.

This feature enables users to identify like-minded individuals and fosters an environment of open-mindedness towards those with different perspectives. By connecting users based on their Enneagram types, 9takes allows you to identify your own patterns and learn from others.

The Power of Nine: Why 9takes is Essential in Today’s World

The name “9takes” is a nod to the nine archetypes of the Enneagram, but it also represents the nine unique perspectives the platform embraces. In an era of polarized opinions, being right or wrong, good or bad, my side or the other side, 9takes offers something different. A much-needed space for meaningful, authentic communication that encourages personal growth and understanding. There is no one right perspective, just different takes on life.

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