The Busy Enneagram Coach's Toolkit: Homework & Tips

Fri Apr 19 2024

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It is hard out there being an Enneagram coach.

You know so many things and can help many people, but there is a barrier. And that barrier is partly that people don’t know about the Enneagram. At first glance, people can get intimidated by all the information coming at them when they attempt to learn the Enneagram.

But to be an effective coach, you need only assign impactful homework while avoiding beginner explanation pitfalls.

The Power of Well-Designed Homework

Assigning homework between sessions is not just a filler; it’s a cornerstone of effective coaching.

Effective homework for Enneagram clients should be clearly tailored to individual needs and objectives. For example, asking a Type 2 (The Helper) to journal instances where they prioritize others’ needs over their own can spark significant self-realizations before the next meeting. Such tasks encourage continuous engagement and reflection, which is crucial for deeper self-understanding and growth.

Observational Tasks to Enhance Awareness

Encourage clients to observe and note specific behaviors or reactions related to their Enneagram type.

Assigning a Type 5 (The Investigator) the task of noting moments they detach emotionally allows them to observe their patterns outside the coaching environment. This makes them more aware of their automatic responses and prepares them for more insightful discussions in subsequent sessions. Observational homework makes the theoretical personal and actionable.

These insights bridge sessions with real-life applications.

Tip 1: Ask your client an open-ended question about what they want to see improved in their life. Then, tailor the homework to improve that thing. For example:

An Enneagram 8 wants to improve conflict resolution with his wife. An example of homework to give that Enneagram 8 would be to think about all the times they raised their voice or got angry in their relationship at the end of the day. Then, at the end of the week, show the journal entry to his spouse. This gets the 8 in the habit of noticing his behavior and introduces accountability and awareness of what situations are causing conflict with the 8. This also helps the 8 work on being vulnerable.

Tip 2: Suggest a piece of homework for the person to notice in their own life.

You can say that many enneagram type Xs struggle with Y, so be on the lookout for Z. For example:

Typical Enneagram 5s tend to hoard things and/ or information. Give the 5 the homework of trying to notice when they might be hoarding something. And ask them to share something instead.

Mistake to Avoid: Avoid assigning generic or overly broad homework.

Homework not explicitly tailored to the client’s Enneagram type or personal growth journey can feel irrelevant and unhelpful. This can lead to disengagement and a lack of progress between sessions. Ensure each assignment directly relates to the insights and discussions from the coaching sessions, making the homework an integral part of the coaching experience.

Homework deepens the coaching impact beyond the session.

Common Mistakes in Explaining Enneagram to Newcomers

New coaches often need help with how to introduce the Enneagram effectively to beginners.

Sometimes, introducing the Enneagram can feel like information overload for the listener. Instead, focus on relating the Enneagram to the listener’s experiences or current challenges. For instance, explaining to a newcomer how understanding their type can help manage stress or improve relationships can be more engaging than a technical rundown of all nine types.

Clear, relatable explanations keep beginners interested and eager to learn more.

Final Takeaway

Enneagram coaching is not confined to the session time; it extends through thoughtfully assigned homework and clear, engaging initial explanations.

In addition to the above, there are 5 the common pitfalls in explaining the Enneagram to newcomers that are turn-offs. If you are ready to learn more and refine your approach to attracting and retaining clients, click the link ⬆️.

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