Enneagram Party Planner: Customize Your Invites for All Types

Sat Dec 09 2023

Trying to plan a great event? Take a moment to consider the personality types of the people who might be attending. Are the people who are attending your close friends who love and support you or is it a bunch of cerebral people who are there for interesting conversations? Who is going to be late and who will be early. Who will be silently judging you and who will be wanting to get wild with anyone over a 6. Here we will explore the personality types that might show up to your party and help you make you make any gathering an unforgettable event.

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An example approach to party planning

Imagine Alex embodying the quintessential traits of a Type 3 Achiever, meticulously orchestrating a party. For Alex, this isn’t just about hosting a fun gathering; it’s an opportunity to shine and demonstrate prowess. The party must be a resounding success, something to discuss for days, even weeks. A sparsely attended event would be more than a disappointment—it would be a blow to Alex’s high standards and self-image.

Alex takes immense pride in their social connections and organizational abilities, aiming to leave guests in awe. Every detail, from the choice of venue, menu, and music to the overall ambiance, is carefully curated to align with Alex’s vision of cool and sophistication. The goal is to create an experience that resonates with respectability and leaves an indelible impression of Alex’s flair and finesse.

In pursuit of this ambition, Alex might extend invitations to particularly notable or impressive individuals, adding an extra layer of prestige to the event. This party is less about the celebration and more an avenue for Alex to showcase their capabilities and social clout. It’s a strategic display of Alex’s personal and social achievements, carefully designed to elevate their standing in the eyes of every attendee.

How Alex approaches planning a party might be very different from your own. It is essential first to determine your motivations for throwing the party and then think about the motivations for other people to attend your party.

The Invite Strategy

Let’s reverse-engineer why each Enneagram type might want to attend a party. Each Enneagram type approaches a party differently and has unique but also subtle motivations and desires. For instance, if a Type 1, “The Reformer/ The Perfectionist,” is invited to a party, to them, the party might be serving some utility and may have a clear purpose, and there might be an ideal way the party should be run in their min. Meanwhile, a Type 7 - The Enthusiast, is enticed with the promise of fun, adventurous experiences, and spontaneity.

Invite for Enneagram 1- The Reformer/ Perfectionist


  • Desire for improvement and order.
  • Opportunities to engage in meaningful, purpose-driven activities.
  • Environments where they can share or promote their ideals.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a party focused on a cause or community improvement, where they can contribute meaningfully.
  • Suggest a gathering where they can lead a discussion or workshop on a topic they’re passionate about.
  • Offer a role in ensuring the party is eco-friendly or aligns with high ethical standards.
Invite for Enneagram 2- The Helper


  • Opportunities to nurture and support others.
  • Enjoyment in building and maintaining relationships.
  • A desire to feel appreciated and needed.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a gathering where their help is essential, like organizing a community meal.
  • Suggest a party where they can play a crucial role in guest comfort and care.
  • Offer them a chance to co-host, emphasizing how their presence would enhance the event.
Invite for Enneagram 3- The Achiever


  • A chance to shine and be recognized.
  • Networking opportunities with successful individuals.
  • Events that align with their image and goals.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to an exclusive or high-profile event where they can network and be seen.
  • Suggest a party where their achievements can be celebrated or highlighted.
  • Offer a role where they can showcase their skills or talents, like emceeing or organizing a vital aspect of the event.
Invite for Enneagram 4- The Individualist


  • Opportunities for self-expression and uniqueness.
  • Deep, meaningful interactions.
  • Aesthetic and creative environments.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to an artistically themed party where they can express their creativity.
  • Suggest a gathering that promises authentic, meaningful conversations.
  • Offer them a role in planning the event’s aesthetic or creative elements.
Invite for Enneagram 5- The Investigator


  • Intellectual stimulation and learning opportunities.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Unique or unusual environments.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a party focusing on intellectual discussions or presentations.
  • Suggest a gathering of enthusiasts in a specific field of interest.
  • Offer an event in an unconventional setting or with an unusual theme.
Invite for Enneagram 6- The Loyalist


  • A sense of safety and trust.
  • Familiarity and community.
  • Opportunities to contribute to group stability and support.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a small, intimate gathering with close friends.
  • Suggest a community-focused event where their input on safety and organization is valued.
  • Offer a family-friendly event where they can feel secure and connected.
Invite for Enneagram 7- The Enthusiast


  • Fun and adventurous experiences.
  • Variety and spontaneity.
  • Opportunities to meet new people and try new things.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a party with a fun, unpredictable twist, like a mystery game or a surprise location.
  • Suggest an event with a range of activities and experiences.
  • Offer an outdoor adventure or themed party that promises excitement and novelty.
Invite for Enneagram 8- The Challenger


  • A dynamic and intense environment.
  • Opportunities for debate and leadership.
  • Situations where they can exert influence or protect others.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a debate night or a party with competitive games.
  • Suggest a gathering where they can take on a leadership role or organize an essential aspect.
  • Offer an event where their strength and assertiveness can be used, like a fundraiser or a community project.
Invite for Enneagram 9- The Peacemaker


  • A calm and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Inclusivity and community.
  • Opportunities to mediate and bring people together.

Inviting Strategies

  • Invite them to a relaxed, low-key gathering, like a picnic or a casual get-together.
  • Suggest a party where they help mediate conversations and foster a welcoming environment.
  • Offer an event that emphasizes inclusively and harmonizes diverse groups.

The Emotional Connect

Alex understands that crafting the proper invites is just the start. The party needs to reflect the diverse emotional landscapes of the Enneagram types, offering each guest an experience that resonates with their personality.

The Party Setup for Each Enneagram Type

Party Setup for Type 1- The Reformer
  • Environment: Keep the setting organized and structured. Have clear guidelines for the event to maintain order.
  • Activities: Include activities with a purpose or benefit, like a charity auction or a group discussion on a relevant topic, to engage their sense of right and wrong.
Party Setup for Type 2- The Helper
  • Environment: Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where they can nurture and be nurtured.
  • Activities: Provide opportunities for them to help out, like assisting in the kitchen or greeting guests, making them feel valued and needed.
Party Setup for Type 3- The Achiever
  • Environment: Ensure the setting is somewhat upscale or impressive. Recognition and status should be subtly evident.
  • Activities: Include elements where they can showcase their talents or achievements, like a brief awards ceremony or a talent show.
Party Setup for Type 4- The Individualist
  • Environment: Create a unique, aesthetically pleasing setting with opportunities for self-expression.
  • Activities: Incorporate creative elements like an art corner, poetry readings, or a space for musical performances.
Party Setup for Type 5- The Investigator
  • Environment: Offer a space where they can retreat for quiet contemplation. A corner with books or interesting articles can be a good addition.
  • Activities: Include intellectually stimulating activities, like a trivia game or a discussion circle on intriguing topics.
Party Setup for Type 6- The Loyalist
  • Environment: Focus on creating a secure, stable atmosphere. Make sure safety measures are visible.
  • Activities: Plan group activities that build trust and camaraderie, like team-building exercises or group games.
Party Setup for Type 7- The Enthusiast
  • Environment: Ensure the setting is lively and flexible, with room for spontaneity.
  • Activities: Incorporate a variety of fun, high-energy activities like a dance-off, a scavenger hunt, or an impromptu karaoke session.
Party Setup for Type 8- The Challenger
  • Environment: Create an open space for assertiveness and intensity.
  • Activities: Set up debates, competitive games, or activities that allow them to demonstrate strength and leadership.
Party Setup for Type 9- The Peacemaker
  • Environment: Aim for a relaxed, comfortable setting where everyone feels included.
  • Activities: Facilitate group activities that are non-competitive and inclusive, like group storytelling or a collaborative art project.

The Philosophical Twist

This party transcends mere socializing; it’s akin to a modern-day symposium reminiscent of gatherings held by Greek philosophers. Each conversation and interaction offers a deeper understanding and empathy. For an in-depth exploration of how different Enneagram types contribute to the dynamics of a party, delve into our comprehensive blog here, enriching your perspective on hosting a memorable and meaningful event.

The Aftermath

Reflecting on the event, Alex realizes the party was more than a social gathering; it was a journey into the heart of human emotions and connections, a source of immense pride and a testament to their ability to bring together diverse personalities.


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