Kim Kardashian's Personality: An Enneagram Type 3

Tue Jun 20 2023

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Disclaimer This analysis of Kim Kardashian’s Enneagram type is speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Kim.

You know her. The social media mogul, the beauty entrepreneur, and—perhaps surprisingly to some—the budding lawyer.

Kim Kardashian is a woman of many talents, but have you ever wondered what is inside her mind? What fuels her inner drive? We’re not talking about business chops or fashion trends here; we’re diving deeper into the realm of personality, and we think she is an Enneagram Type 3- The Achiever.

TL;DR: Why Kim is an Enneagram 3
  • Kim's rise from stylist to media mogul exemplifies Type 3's relentless drive for success. She even has a game, 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,' which reveals her strategic exploitation of public image.
  • Kim curates her social media presence in a typical Type 3 fashion. However, her retreat post the Paris robbery unveiled a vulnerable side that Type 3s often hide.
  • Kim's 72-day marriage and trademark controversy are potential reflections of Type 3's pursuit of societal expectations and resilience. These incidents might underscore their core fear of being unworthy.
  • Kim's actions seem rooted in a Type 3's need to feel valued through achievements. Whether launching businesses or managing her image, her primary driver is ambition and desire for success.

What is Kim Kardashian’s Personality Type?

The Enneagram, an ancient personality typing system, classifies people into nine primary types, each having unique motivations, fears, and desires. Type 3, often referred to as the “Achiever,” is characterized by a deep-seated need to succeed, to be affirmed, and to be impressive to others.

Sound familiar? If you’ve followed Kim’s trajectory, from reality TV to building beauty empires and pursuing a law degree, you might agree that Type 3 sums her up pretty accurately.

The Ascent to Fame: Driven by Success

Kim’s climb up the social ladder wasn’t a fluke.

It was a carefully calibrated ascent marked by an unquenchable thirst for success. Type 3s are renowned for their ambitious nature, setting their sights high and working tirelessly to meet their goals. This drive is apparent in Kim’s career.

There are varied opinions when we consider the debate surrounding her rise to fame. Some say it was luck; others say it was strategized exposure. But either way, her persistence, and adaptability are classic Type 3 traits. She leveraged her initial fame into an ever-expanding empire of beauty products, fashion lines, and, more recently, legal advocacy.

A Love for Family and a Quest for Balance

What sets Kim apart from the stereotypical Type 3, absorbed solely in personal success, is her enduring commitment to her family.

Her love for her children is palpable. Whether posting candid photos of family life on social media or fiercely protecting their privacy, Kim juggles her roles as a businesswoman and mother with evident passion.

Furthermore, her relationships with her sisters— Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall—provide her a support network, a personal and professional advantage that she doesn’t take for granted.

The Multi-Faceted Achiever: Kanye, Pete, and a Law Degree

Kim’s relationships have often been in the public eye, most notably her marriage to Kanye West and her current relationship with Pete Davidson.

These relationships reveal more layers of her personality, showcasing her desire for a deep emotional connection, which many Type 3s strive for but often struggle to balance with their ambitious goals.

Another thing to touch on is Kim’s pursuit of a law degree. Many were surprised when she announced her intention to become a lawyer. But think about it: this move is quintessentially Type 3. It’s not just about adding another achievement to her roster; it’s about meaningful success. Kim’s advocacy work on criminal justice reform indicates a desire to merge her social influence with social impact, another hallmark of a well-integrated Type 3.

Addressing Controversies: The Flip Side of the Coin

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Kim has faced her share of controversies, ranging from cultural appropriation accusations to questions about her influence on body image standards. These issues are crucial and deserve scrutiny, but for a Type 3, controversies often serve as both a learning curve and a drive to do better. Rather than retreating, she takes these as challenges, seeking to improve and refine her image and actions, true to her Type 3 nature.

How Each Enneagram Type Perceives Kim Kardashian

To provide a broader perspective, let’s examine how individuals of each Enneagram type might perceive Kim:

  • Type 1- The Perfectionist: Type 1s, focusing on ethics, might have mixed feelings about Kim. They could admire her entrepreneurial spirit and success but question how she attained her fame and the materialistic values her brand often promotes.
  • Type 2- The Helper: Type 2s, being relationship-oriented, might appreciate Kim’s close-knit family bonds seen on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ They might also recognize her charitable work but could be critical of her public image’s influence on young fans.
  • Type 3- The Achiever: Type 3s will likely admire Kim’s success, resilience, and ability to maintain a polished image. They might see her as a role model for achieving societal acclaim and personal ambition.
  • Type 4- The Individualist: Type 4s, seekers of authenticity, might struggle to relate to Kim’s heavily curated public persona. They might feel detached from her lifestyle but find her open talks on her struggles and vulnerable moments relatable.
  • Type 5- The Investigator: Type 5s might be intrigued by Kim’s business empire and interested in the strategy behind her brand. However, they could feel overwhelmed by her public image and constant media presence.
  • Type 6- The Loyalist: Type 6s might appreciate Kim’s loyalty to her family and friends. Still, they could be skeptical of her intentions due to the controversies surrounding her and the nature of reality television.
  • Type 7- The Enthusiast: Type 7s, with their love for fun and new experiences, might enjoy the excitement and drama Kim brings. They might admire her zest for life and her adventurous spirit in trying new business ventures.
  • Type 8- The Challenger: Type 8s, appreciating strength, might respect Kim’s resilience in the face of controversy and her assertiveness in business. They might, however, question her influence and the societal standards her brand sets.
  • Type 9- The Peacemaker: Type 9s, seeking peace and harmony, might feel conflicted about Kim. They might appreciate her advocacy for criminal justice reform but feel uneasy about the drama and controversies surrounding her.


From her drive to achieve, the controversies she’s faced, and her ongoing balancing act between the real and the ideal, the picture of why Kardashian may represent a Type 3 personality has been painted.

It is important to note that people are complex. This analysis is one lens through which to view Kim, and it does not encapsulate her entirety. Does this portrayal of Kim shift your understanding of her as a public figure and entrepreneur? Does seeing Kardashian through the lens of an Enneagram Type 3 give you a deeper insight into her actions and motivations?

If you like diving into personality, explore our questions and go deeper with the Enneagram. 🚀

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