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You know him as Jack Dawson, the charming artist aboard the Titanic. You've seen him as Jordan Belfort, the Wall Street maven with a penchant for excess. But who is Leonardo DiCaprio when the cameras stop rolling? What drives him, what are his fears, and most intriguingly, what is his Enneagram personality type?

Disclaimer This analysis of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Enneagram type is purely speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

TL;DR: Why Leonardo DiCaprio is an Enneagram type 7
  • Versatility in Roles: When you think of DiCaprio, his diverse range of roles comes to mind. From romantic leads to complex anti-heroes, his choice of characters aligns with a Type 7's need for variety and fear of confinement. This versatility suggests a restless curiosity and a desire for new experiences, hallmark traits of a Type 7.
  • The Inner World: DiCaprio's inner world is likely a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions, and plans for future adventures. While he may appear as just a Hollywood star to the public, his deep involvement in environmental causes and intellectual pursuits suggests a daily life filled with diverse interests. This aligns with a Type 7's insatiable curiosity and zest for life.
  • Handling Controversies: DiCaprio has faced controversies, particularly around the environmental impact of his projects. This could be emblematic of a Type 7's core fear of being trapped in painful situations, leading to choices that later require rectification. His constructive approach to resolving these issues shows maturity and deserves empathy, as it reflects the Type 7's journey towards confronting challenges head-on.
  • Core Motivation: At the core, DiCaprio seems driven by a need to avoid emotional pain and seek fulfilling experiences, whether it's through his roles, activism, or personal life. This core motivation to seek variety and depth in experiences can be traced back to the fundamental traits of an Enneagram Type 7.

What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Personality Type?

In short, we think Leo is an Enneagram type 7 also know as “The Enthusiast.” Type 7s are characterized by their insatiable curiosity, zest for life, and fear of emotional pain. They are the adventurers, the seekers, and the eternal optimists. But it’s not all sunshine; their avoidance of pain can lead them to escapism and superficiality.

Why Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be a Type 7

Let’s explore some examples that suggest Leonardo DiCaprio could be a Type 7.

Formative Moments: The Making of a Type 7

A Creative and Challenging Environment

Leonardo DiCaprio was born into a bohemian household in Los Angeles, where artistic pursuits were encouraged. This early exposure to creativity likely fueled his Type 7 traits of curiosity and a love for new experiences. However, the neighborhood he grew up in was far from idyllic, plagued by crime and violence. This challenging environment could have intensified his Type 7 fear of being trapped in painful situations, driving him to seek better opportunities.

Early Career and Family Support

From a young age, DiCaprio showed an intense focus on his acting career, taking on a variety of roles that ranged from family dramas to romantic tragedies. This early versatility aligns with a Type 7’s need for variety and fear of confinement. His mother, a constant support in his life, likely contributed to his optimistic outlook, another key characteristic of Type 7s.

Versatility in Roles: A Type 7’s Palette

The Romantic to the Rebellious

One of the most striking aspects of Leonardo DiCaprio’s career is the sheer range of characters he has portrayed. Early in his career, he captured hearts as the romantic Jack Dawson in “Titanic,” a role that showcased his ability to tap into emotional depths. Fast forward a few years, and we see him as the rebellious and complex Howard Hughes in “The Aviator,” a character plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder yet driven by a relentless ambition. This shift from a romantic lead to a complex, flawed individual exemplifies a Type 7’s aversion to being pigeonholed.

The Anti-Hero and the Dreamer

DiCaprio’s roles often explore the darker sides of human nature, as seen in his portrayal of Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Here, he delves into the psyche of a man addicted to success, power, and excess. Contrast this with his role in “Inception,” where he plays Dom Cobb, a man navigating complex dreamscapes to reunite with his family. The ability to switch from playing an anti-hero to a dreamer who manipulates subconscious realms speaks volumes about his need for variety and complexity, traits commonly associated with Type 7s.

The Social Crusader to the Frontiersman

In “Blood Diamond,” DiCaprio took on the role of a mercenary smuggler who undergoes a moral transformation, highlighting his ability to portray characters with evolving ethical compasses. On the other end of the spectrum, his role as Hugh Glass in “The Revenant” required him to portray a frontiersman battling nature and seeking revenge, a role that demanded physical endurance and a different kind of moral complexity.

The Comedic Timing

While not primarily known for comedy, DiCaprio has shown he can hold his own in lighter roles as well. His performance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” had moments of comedic brilliance, proving that his acting range includes a good sense of timing and humor. This versatility further aligns with a Type 7’s desire for a broad palette of experiences and emotional tones.

By diving into the diverse roles Leonardo DiCaprio has taken on, we see a clear pattern that aligns with the characteristics of an Enneagram Type 7. His choice of roles is far from monotonous; it’s a kaleidoscope of human emotions, moral complexities, and intellectual challenges. This need for variety and depth in his professional choices strongly suggests that DiCaprio could very well be a Type 7, always seeking the next intriguing experience to dive into.

Handling Controversies: A Type 7’s Approach

The Environmental Paradox

One of the most notable controversies surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio is his environmental activism juxtaposed against the environmental impact of some of his projects. For instance, the filming of “The Beach” in 2000 caused significant environmental damage to a Thai national park. Critics were quick to point out the irony, given DiCaprio’s vocal stance on environmental issues.

However, DiCaprio’s response was very much in line with a Type 7’s approach to handling challenges. Instead of avoiding the issue or deflecting blame, he actively participated in restoration efforts for the damaged area. This constructive action aligns with a Type 7’s tendency to face issues head-on when they realize avoidance is no longer an option.

Private Jets and Public Appearances

Another point of contention has been DiCaprio’s use of private jets while advocating for environmental responsibility. Critics argue that this is hypocritical and undermines his credibility as an environmental activist.

Yet again, his handling of this controversy reflects Type 7 characteristics. DiCaprio acknowledged the criticism and took steps to offset his carbon footprint, including investments in sustainable aviation. This shows a balanced approach to life’s complexities, a hallmark of a mature Type 7 who understands that sometimes you have to navigate through contradictions.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Glamorizing Excess?

“The Wolf of Wall Street” was another flashpoint, with critics arguing that the film glamorized the excessive, unethical behavior it purported to critique. DiCaprio, who also produced the film, defended it as an unflinching look at a flawed character and a flawed system. His willingness to engage with critics and explain his perspective, rather than avoiding the controversy, again aligns with Type 7 traits. Type 7s are known for their ability to confront challenges when they feel it’s necessary, even if their initial impulse might be to avoid discomfort.

By examining how Leonardo DiCaprio handles controversies, we see a pattern that strongly suggests Type 7 traits. He doesn’t shy away from challenges but rather confronts them in a constructive manner. This balanced approach to handling controversies reveals a maturity and complexity that adds another layer to our understanding of DiCaprio as a potential Type 7.

The Inner Workings of Leo

So, what does all this mean for understanding Leonardo DiCaprio? It suggests a man driven by curiosity, a love for new experiences, and an optimistic outlook on life. Yet, like any Type 7, he has his complexities and contradictions. His avoidance of emotional pain can sometimes lead him into controversies, but his constructive actions show a mature approach to life’s challenges.

How Each Enneagram Type Perceives Leonardo DiCaprio

To provide a broader perspective, let’s examine how individuals of each Enneagram type might perceive Leo:

Type 1- The Perfectionist:

May admire DiCaprio's dedication to his craft but could be critical of the controversies he's been involved in. Type 1s value integrity and responsibility, so they might have mixed feelings about DiCaprio's environmental activism versus the impact of some of his projects.

Type 2- The Helper:

Likely to appreciate DiCaprio's philanthropic efforts and activism. Type 2s are drawn to people who help others and make a positive impact, aligning with DiCaprio's charitable endeavors.

Type 3- The Achiever:

Would admire DiCaprio's career achievements and his ability to excel in diverse roles. Type 3s value success and adaptability, qualities that DiCaprio embodies in his career.

Type 4- The Individualist:

Intrigued by the depth and complexity of DiCaprio's roles, but may find him too mainstream. Type 4s appreciate uniqueness and depth, which they can find in DiCaprio's roles, but might struggle with his mainstream success.

Type 5- The Investigator:

Interested in the intellectual depth of DiCaprio's roles and his environmental activism. Type 5s value knowledge and depth, making them likely to appreciate the complexities of DiCaprio's characters and causes.

Type 6- The Loyalist:

May appreciate DiCaprio's consistent quality of work but could be skeptical of his activism. Type 6s value loyalty and consistency but can be skeptical, making them cautious supporters.

Type 7- The Enthusiast:

Would love DiCaprio for his adventurous roles and zest for life. Type 7s resonate with DiCaprio's love for variety and new experiences, making them likely fans.

Type 8- The Challenger:

Respects DiCaprio's bold choices in roles and his confrontational approach to controversies Type 8s value strength and confrontation, aligning with how DiCaprio handles challenges.

Type 9- The Peacemaker:

Enjoys DiCaprio's work but may not have strong opinions about him. Type 9s are generally easygoing and may appreciate DiCaprio's work without getting too invested in his public persona.

Wrapping up

What do you think? Does the adventurous and optimistic nature of Type 7 resonate with your perception of Leonardo DiCaprio? If you found this exploration intriguing, there’s a whole world of Enneagram discussions waiting for you. Sign up for 9takes to dive deeper into understanding different personalities, including your own. Who knows, you might even discover your Enneagram twin among the stars!

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