Prince Harry Enneagram Type 6

Thu Mar 09 2023

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Disclaimer This analysis of Prince Harry’s Enneagram type is speculative, based on publicly available information, and may not reflect the actual personality type of Prince Harry.

He's been the subject of global fascination, a prince stepping into uncharted territory.

Prince Harry’s life is a tapestry of duty, rebellion, and a quest for normalcy. But what if we could see beyond the tabloid headlines and royal formalities? Let’s explore the intricate psyche of Prince Harry through the revealing lens of the Enneagram Type 6.

What is Prince Harry’s Personality Type?

Prince Harry: An Enneagram Type 6

The Enneagram Type 6, often known as “The Loyalist,” is characterized by a complex blend of commitment, security-seeking, and an acute sense of anxiety. Type 6 individuals are the vigilant guardians of their world, constantly scanning for potential hazards yet yearning for stability and trust in their relationships.

A Royal Under the Microscope: The Six’s Struggle for Security

Prince Harry’s life, cast under the scrutiny of the public eye, is a case study for the Six’s innate need for safety. His mother’s tragic death left a scar, igniting a deep-seated quest for a secure haven amidst a world that often seems hostile. This quest is seen in his military service, where camaraderie and a clear code of conduct provided a structured sanctuary, and later in his protective stance towards his own family, stepping back from royal duties to shield them from relentless media pressure.

The Loyalty of a Prince

Type 6s are fiercely loyal, and Harry’s dedication to his military comrades and charity work is a testament to this trait. His involvement with the Invictus Games showcases his commitment to supporting those who have experienced the harsh realities of conflict, reflecting the Six’s deep sense of solidarity with the underdog.

The Loyalist’s Inner Circle

A Six’s environment is a fortress, populated with trusted allies. Prince Harry’s close-knit circle, including his wife Meghan and a handful of lifelong friends, illustrates his careful selection of confidants. This inner sanctum is his bulwark against the unpredictable tides of royal life.

Stressors That Shake the Royal Ground

What keeps Prince Harry up at night? For a Six, trust is paramount, and betrayal is the ultimate stressor. The constant media scrutiny, with its cycle of praise and criticism, is a minefield for someone seeking stability. His outspoken nature on issues like mental health is a double-edged sword, earning both commendation and controversy, stirring the Six’s fear of missteps.

A Prince’s Pride: Advocacy and Authenticity

Prince Harry’s pride lies in his advocacy work. From championing mental health awareness to environmental conservation, his efforts to make a tangible difference resonate with the Six’s desire to contribute to a greater, more secure world.

Conversations Close to a Royal Heart

What does Prince Harry like to talk about? His dialogues often revolve around themes of service, mental well-being, and the vulnerability that comes with being in the public eye. These topics are not only personally relevant but also speak to the Six’s preoccupation with fostering a safer, more understanding society.

The Contemplations of a Loyalist

Within the walls of his mind, a Type 6 like Prince Harry is likely strategizing, planning for the future while wrestling with doubts. His decision to step away from royal duties may have been fraught with such internal debates, weighing loyalty against the need for personal peace.

Habits That Hold a Prince Together

Routine is a Six’s ally, and despite the seeming chaos of royal life, Prince Harry has shown a penchant for structure. His dedication to fitness, regimented military life, and disciplined approach to philanthropy all point to a Six’s reliance on habit to navigate an uncertain world.


So that is Prince Harry. Have these insights shifted your view of the prince? How might understanding his search for security and loyalty offer a new lens through which to see his actions and choices? Who else in your life might have the strengths and weaknesses of Prince Harry?

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