What are the biggest compliments to give to each Enneagram type

Wed Aug 09 2023

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Want to know how to make someone's day with the best compliment possible?

The Enneagram can help! This blog post tells you the best compliments for each Enneagram type. Learn what makes each personality tick and how to make them feel special. Let’s get started!

Type 1- The Perfectionist

An innate desire for perfection and righteousness drives type 1 individuals. Recognizing their relentless pursuit of justice and acknowledging their dedication to moral values touches the very core of their being.

Basic Compliment: “Your integrity and commitment to improving the world never cease to inspire. You lead with unwavering principles.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your vibe? Straight-up chef’s kiss.”
  • “When you walked in with that commitment to excellence? The whole place lit up, no cap.”
  • “You’re the real OG of keeping things 100.”
  • “That dedication to fairness? It’s the drip.”
  • “You glow different when you’re on that righteous mission.”
  • “I see you flexing those ethical muscles!”
  • “Your style? Clean, just like your principles.”
  • “I’m living for that justice warrior glow-up!”
  • “You’re the blueprint for doing things right.”
  • “That ‘stick to your morals’ energy? Straight fire.”

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Type 2- The Helper

Type 2 personalities thrive on love and appreciation. They long to feel needed. By acknowledging their genuine concern and kindness, you mirror back the love they constantly radiate.

Basic Compliment: “Your selflessness and warmth bring light to every room. People find solace in your nurturing presence.”

What the kids say:

  • “Every room you enter? Instantly more lit.”
  • “You’re the OG of vibes and good times.”
  • “Your nurturing energy is straight outta a hype house.”
  • “You’re like the human version of a glow-up.”
  • “When you care? It’s louder than my Spotify playlist.”
  • “Your style screams ‘I got everyone’s back’.”
  • “If love had a face, it’d be yours.”
  • “You’re the kind of person everyone wants on their squad.”
  • “You’re the real MVP of making everyone feel seen.”
  • “You drip kindness like it’s the latest trend.”

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Type 3- The Achiever

Type 3 individuals are goal-oriented powerhouses. They yearn for success and validation. Praising their accomplishments and efficiency resonates deeply with their ambitious spirit.

Basic Compliment: “Your drive and ambition are unparalleled. The way you transform visions into reality is truly remarkable.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your grind don’t stop, and it’s hella inspiring.”
  • “Turning dreams to reality? That’s your daily flex.”
  • “Who needs clout when they’ve got your ambition?”
  • “Every time you hit a goal, it’s a whole mood.”
  • “That success glow suits you.”
  • “You’re the CEO of making things happen.”
  • “Your playlist is probably just wins on repeat.”
  • “When you walk, it’s like a boss level upgrade.”
  • “Your achievements are the tea everyone’s sipping.”
  • “Your style? Always on point, just like your game plan.”

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Type 4- The Individualist

Type 4 personalities cherish their individuality. Celebrating their uniqueness and emotional richness validates their constant search for identity and meaning.

Basic Compliment: “Your depth of emotion and unique perspective are a gift to the world. You see beauty where others don’t.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your vibe is like a limited edition drop everyone’s after.”
  • “You’re the playlist I never knew I needed.”
  • “That unique style? Issa look!”
  • “You’re the aesthetic everyone’s trying to copy.”
  • “Your feels are deeper than my TikTok feed.”
  • “If moods were art, you’d be the Mona Lisa.”
  • “Your emotions? Louder than my AirPods on full volume.”
  • “You’re the original influencer of deep vibes.”
  • “Your individuality is the main character energy we all need.”
  • “Your style is the vibe check everyone fails next to.”

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Type 5- The Investigator

Type 5 individuals possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Recognizing their analytical prowess and depth of understanding feeds their intrinsic need to be competent and well-prepared.

Basic Compliment: “Your wisdom and insights constantly amaze me. You have a rare ability to delve deep into complexities.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your brain’s like the latest iPhone update, always ahead.”
  • “Dropping wisdom like it’s hot!”
  • “If insights were currency, you’d be Elon Musk.”
  • “That big brain energy? It’s the drip for real.”
  • “When you speak, it’s like a TED Talk everyone’s tuned into.”
  • “Your look today? Intellectual with a side of drip.”
  • “Brainpower on fleek!”
  • “You’re like the Google everyone wishes they had IRL.”
  • “Your insights? Straight outta tomorrow.”
  • “Every time you share knowledge, it’s a whole vibe.”

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Type 6- The Loyalist

Type 6 personalities value security and trust. Acknowledging their dedication and reliability affirms their foundational role in any relationship or endeavor.

Basic Compliment: “Your loyalty and steadfastness are the pillars on which people lean. Your commitment is unwavering.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your loyalty’s tighter than skinny jeans from 2010.”
  • “Ride or die? Must’ve been coined for you.”
  • “Trust levels? Over 9000!”
  • “If squads had a captain, you’d be it. No cap.”
  • “Your commitment is the clout everyone wishes they had.”
  • “Loyalty looks good on you. Just like that fit.”
  • “You’re the anchor in this sea of fleeting trends.”
  • “Trustworthiness with a sprinkle of gangster? That’s you.”
  • “Your vibe is like a loyalty card with infinite rewards.”
  • “Every crew needs a you. Period.”

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Type 7- The Enthusiast

Type 7 individuals are the epitome of enthusiasm. Celebrating their optimism and adventurous spirit aligns perfectly with their quest for pleasure and excitement.

Basic Compliment: “Your zest for life is infectious. You have an unparalleled ability to find joy in every moment.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your energy? More viral than any TikTok dance.”
  • “If life’s a party, you’re the DJ.”
  • “You’ve got that ‘life of the party’ drip.”
  • “Your enthusiasm is the trend we’re all here for.”
  • “With that zest, you must be life’s energy drink.”
  • “Every day’s a glow-up with your spirit.”
  • “You’re the playlist that’s always on repeat.”
  • “That adventure-ready look? It’s a whole vibe.”
  • “You’re the sprinkle of hype in every situation.”
  • “If joy was a brand, you’d be its ambassador.”

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Type 8- The Challenger

Type 8 personalities are natural leaders driven by a desire to control their environment. Recognizing their strength and advocacy reinforces their role as protectors and champions.

Basic Compliment: “Your strength and protective nature make people feel safe. You advocate fearlessly for what you believe in.”

What the kids say:

  • “Strength and swag? Name a better duo. I’ll wait.”
  • “You’re the boss level everyone aspires to reach.”
  • “Your energy’s like the final boss in a video game.”
  • “When you advocate, even the walls listen.”
  • “That ‘take no prisoners’ attitude? It’s iconic.”
  • “Your confidence? It’s the glow-up we all need.”
  • “Leadership looks good on you. Straight-up fire fit.”
  • “You’re the OG of getting things done.”
  • “Your strength? It’s the blueprint. Period.”
  • “If power had a look, it’d be you stepping into a room.”

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Type 9- The Peacemaker

Type 9 individuals are the peacekeepers. Celebrating their mediation skills and the gift of seeing multiple perspectives affirms their nurturing and harmonizing nature.

Basic Compliment: “Your ability to bring harmony and unity is unparalleled. Your calm presence is a soothing balm in any storm.”

What the kids say:

  • “Your calm is like the WiFi signal everyone’s searching for.”
  • “Bringing peace like it’s the latest trend.”
  • “Your energy? It’s the chillest playlist on Spotify.”
  • “If zen had a face, it’d be rocking your fit.”
  • “You’re the peace emoji in a world of chaos symbols.”
  • “That harmonious glow? It’s a whole aesthetic.”
  • “You’re the calming tea everyone needs after a long day.”
  • “Your style? Peaceful with a side of swag.”
  • “In life’s soundtrack, you’re the soothing interlude.”
  • “You’re the vibe everyone needs on their ‘chill’ playlist.”

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The Enneagram is a mirror, reflecting the multifaceted nature of humanity. By understanding and appreciating each type, we bridge gaps, forge connections, and create a world rich in empathy and understanding.

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