How each Enneagram type flexes

Wed Aug 09 2023

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Every Enneagram type wants to be seen in a certain light.

In order to be seen in that desired way each type will go out of their way to flex in certain situations or when certain topics are brought up. Each type subtly shows off in their own way. Here we will explore what drives each type to show off and how do they want to be perceived? Let’s get into it.

Type 1- The Perfectionist

The Meticulous Maverick

How They Flex: Through their unwavering commitment to perfection and integrity. Desire to Be Seen: As paragons of righteousness, holding the beacon of moral and ethical standards. Deep Dive: For Type 1s, every flex is a testament to their dedication to ideals. When they showcase their precision or unwavering standards, they’re seeking acknowledgment for their ceaseless strive for betterment.

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Type 2- The Helper

The Generous Gem

How They Flex: Through tales of their altruistic endeavors and selfless acts. Desire to Be Seen: As the embodiment of love and care, always there when needed. Deep Dive: Type 2s’ showcase of warmth is more than just kindness—it’s their subtle plea for appreciation, a reminder of their indispensable role in the lives of others.

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Type 3- The Achiever

The Dynamic Dynamo

How They Flex: By parading their achievements, successes, and milestones. Desire to Be Seen: As role models, epitomes of success, and sources of inspiration. Deep Dive: Every accolade shared by Type 3s is rooted in their yearning for validation, their inner need to be revered for their dedication and prowess.

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Type 4- The Individualist

The Expressive Enigma

How They Flex: Through artistic expressions, introspections, and unique viewpoints. Desire to Be Seen: As the authentic voice, untouched by societal molds, and uniquely profound. Deep Dive: When Type 4s share their creations or perspectives, they’re inviting others into their world, seeking acknowledgment for their unparalleled depth.

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Type 5- The Investigator

The Thoughtful Theorist

How They Flex: By sharing enlightening facts, discoveries, or intellectual pursuits. Desire to Be Seen: As the font of wisdom, always seeking, always curious. Deep Dive: Each revelation from Type 5s stems from their insatiable thirst for knowledge and their silent request to be recognized for their cerebral prowess.

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Type 6- The Loyalist

The Dependable Defender

How They Flex: By emphasizing their unwavering loyalty and dependability. Desire to Be Seen: As the anchor, the steadfast protector amidst the storm. Deep Dive: Behind each story of allegiance from Type 6s lies their intrinsic need for security and their hope to be seen as the bulwark of trust.

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Type 7- The Enthusiast

The Joyous Jetsetter

How They Flex: With tales of adventures, exhilarating experiences, and zestful pursuits. Desire to Be Seen: As the beacon of joy, the life of the party, and the eternal optimist. Deep Dive: Every story of exhilaration from Type 7s is a testament to their pursuit of happiness and their longing to be the source of joy for others.

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Type 8- The Challenger

The Assertive Ace

How They Flex: Through tales of conquests, leadership feats, and trailblazing initiatives. Desire to Be Seen: As the indomitable force, the leader who paves the path. Deep Dive: Each flex from Type 8s is a proclamation of their power and control, their inner desire to be revered for their resilience and strength.

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Type 9- The Peacemaker

The Harmonious Healer

How They Flex: By showcasing their role in fostering harmony, resolution, and serenity. Desire to Be Seen: As the bridge, the harmonizer who sees and values all perspectives. Deep Dive: When Type 9s emphasize their peacemaking roles, they’re subtly hinting at their profound ability to heal divides and their wish to be recognized for their tranquil spirit.

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Wrap up

The Enneagram, in its depth, offers more than just categories—it’s a mirror reflecting our deepest desires, our yearnings for acknowledgment, and our intrinsic motivations. As we appreciate the flexes of each type, it’s pivotal to understand the heartfelt desires behind them. Such understanding fosters empathy, bridging the gaps between types and unveiling the shared human narrative.

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